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Amanda Rosen

I'm a writer.

I'm a writer who has gone from freelancing on most any topic, to focusing on digital and content marketing, as well as social media management and copy editing. Coffee is my bff.

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Topofinfographic article

Infographic - Bacon & Hot Dog Labels Decoded!

I created this infographic for promotional use on 100 Days of Real Food. We have used it as a subscription incentive, as well as a marketing tool on social media.

Prep Your Week Printable

A printable I made to help you make the most of the week ahead! This was hosted on Charmingly Organized (which has been retired).

Monthly Budget Printable

A printable I put together for a blog, Charmingly Organized (no longer an active blog), to assist in monthly budgeting.

Marsala pantone article

Stylish Indoors And Out: Using Pantone’s 2015 Color Trends in Your Outdoor Design   | Wholesale Plant Containers

In the world of design, Pantone is often looked to as the authority on color trends for the upcoming year. When the Pantone 2015 color of the year was released – Marsala, a lovely shade of moody rust with hints of burgundy and sienna – the tone was officially set for a year filled with warmth and unique pairings in terms of color. In fact, Pantone’s official 2015 guide to color is entitled “new harmonies,” as they look to encourage more creativity and freedom with the use of color.

In Pantone’s own words, “Lifestyle patterns and tastes are consistently evolving and so are the resulting forecasts that are spawning new harmonies in both color and design.” If new harmonies, patterns, and tastes are the goal for color trends in 2015, it’s the perfect time to stretch the idea of color beyond interior applications to exterior ones.

Jay scotts toulan outdoor 1024x768 article

Up-and-Coming Outdoor Design Trends for 2015 - and Beyond!

Can an outdoor design be both on-trend and timeless? We believe so.

After all, a plantscape is made up of many interacting elements - plants and flowers, containers and planters, pavers and other materials - which can be replaced gradually over time so that a landscape remains fresh and interesting without needing to be completely overhauled year after year. It helps to start with a design concept that has an element of staying power. Here, we've detailed five trends in outdoor design for 2015 that will breathe bold freshness into a plantscape while remaining relevant in the future.

Birdsuetheader article

Homemade Bird Suet - Hello Nature

Homemade Bird Suet - Hello Nature

Fallcleaningheader article

Fall Cleaning with Essential Oils - Hello Nature

Spring cleaning isn’t the only seasonal cleaning you can do to prepare your house as the seasons change. Fall is the perfect time to get things in order before the winter sets in and the last thing you feel like doing is dusting your baseboards.

Decoratingwithnatureheader article

Decorating with Nature: Three Easy DIY Projects

Decorating with Nature: Three Easy DIY Projects

Simplewaystogivethanksheader article

Simple Ways to Give Thanks

In the midst of the month of November, the flurry of meal preparation for the big day, the planning for Christmas and other upcoming holidays, it’s easy to lose sight of what this month is really about – giving thanks, showing appreciation and keeping a mindset of gratitude.

Rosenfamilyphoto 1024x682 article

Custom Home Building Myths, Busted! Customer Spotlight: Amanda ...

Custom Home Building Myths, Busted! Customer Spotli...

DIY Chalkboard Pennant Holiday Banner - Hello Nature

DIY Chalkboard Pennant Holiday Banner - Hello Natur...